Windows PowerShell

I am a command line person, and has always been complaining about the Windows default command line shell cmd.exe. Today I found that Windows 7 ships with an advanced command line shell, called PowerShell. It just replaces the old good cmd.exe as it contains an effective super set of all available commands through cmd.exe. Et voila, it supports Unix-like aliases of common commands such as ls, cp, mv, and so on. It seems to have much more than that, including its own scripting engine and capability to call COM objects directly.

To use it, press window-r and type powershell instead of cmd and press enter.

Windows PowerShell

One thought on “Windows PowerShell

  1. It didn’t turn out to be too great. It’s great that it provides some unix command aliases and recognises ‘/’ as a directory delimiter, but no better I found. It was even more inconvenient with something which I forgot now. I’m still sticking with the old good cmd.exe…

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