GCC: dump pre-processor defines

See: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2224334/gcc-dump-preprocessor-defines


gcc -dM -E - < /dev/null
gcc -dM -E -msse4 - < /dev/null | grep SSE[34]
echo "#include <sys/socket.h>" | gcc -E -dM - | grep SOMAXCONN
GCC: dump pre-processor defines

2 thoughts on “GCC: dump pre-processor defines

  1. Tyler says:

    (Sorry I don’t know why you deleted the post about PTAM)

    I read you notes about compiling PTAM on Mavericks.

    However I cannot reproduce your result.

    Although I can compile livcvd, it is not complete.

    The output of ./configure is:
    Missing options for darwin13.1.0:
    assembler dc1394v2 ffmpeg posix_rt qtbuffer videodisplay

    PTAM needs qtbuffer and videodisplay module of libcvd.

    I wonder what is your OS’s architecture? 32bits or 64bits?

    Did you meet this problem?

    Best regards,

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