Build PTAM on Ubuntu

Install TooN

git clone toon
cd toon
./configure --prefix=$HOME
make install

Install libCVD

Install the dependency first:

sudo apt-get install libdc1394-22-dev libv4l-dev
(cd /usr/include/linux && sudo ln -s ../libv4l1-videodev.h videodev.h)
git clone libcvd
cd libcvd
CXXFLAGS=-D_REENTRANT ./configure --without-ffmpeg --prefix=$HOME
# or CXXFLAGS=-D_REENTRANT ./configure --without-ffmpeg --prefix=$HOME --disable-fast7
vi cvd_src/image_io/jpeg.cxx
# at lines 160 and 189: replace `true' with `(boolean)1'
# at line 253: replace `true' with `(boolean)1'
# at line 339: replace `1' with `(boolean)1'
make -j8
make install

Install GVars

Install the dependency:

sudo apt-get install libreadline6-dev
git clone gvars
cd gvars
./configure --disable-widgets --prefix=$HOME
make -j8
make install

Build PTAM

Build it:

git clone ptam
cd ptam
git checkout Linuxmint15
cd Src
vi Makefile
# modify the include and lib paths in the Makefile
# make depend
make -j12

Run it:

# calibrate the camera
cp camera.cfg settings.cfg
# track!


Build PTAM on Ubuntu

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